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Medical profession / Doctor in Astrology

Medical profession / Doctor in Astrology

After completing Education the biggest concern of the person is getting a good job or starting his own business. The world is changing at a pace faster than ever before. Every day different careers and professional opportunities are emerging. It has left a lot of us, particularly the adolescents, their parents and teachers, all a bit confused. Planets and their placement in ones horoscope play a very important role in the outcome of one’s success or failure in career or profession. There are many questions related to career. Astrology can provide you proper guidance and remedies regarding your career/profession.
In astrology native’s profession is checked/determined from the 1st, 2nd, 10, 11th houses and its lords and planets in these houses. When these houses/lords have connection with Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Juipiter the native becomes a doctor. Many youngsters aspire for the profession of the doctor of medicine. 

Main Houses connected with medical profession:
1st house indicates general physical and mental aptitude and inclination.
4th house represent graduate degree/education
5th /9th house denotes intelligence , basic and higher education.
6th  house indicates diseases.
8th  house  indicates longitivity, life span and death.
9th house indicates blessings, higher education, specialisation
10th  house denoes profession/occupation.
11th  house indicates gain and income.
Ascandent indicates general physical and mental aptitude and inclination. 4th house is known as the house of education and 5th house is known as the house of intelligent/ use of knowledge. 10th house indicates karma sthana/house of profession. Any technical knowledge can be turned into livelihood if 5th lord 5th house directly connected to the 10th house or 10th lord. Strong connection between both like rashi parivartan, conjunction, or through aspect is considered good when this connection made in 6th house or 12th house it indicates profession related to medicine/doctor. 6th house is the house of diseases and 12th house is the house of hospitals and beds so when 5th and 10th lord have connection with these houses create strong possibilities for medical profession. 5th house is 12th to 6th house so strong 5th house/lord can only negate the things pertaining to 6th house. 10th house is 5th from the 6th house indicates intelligent and skill of diagnosing the disease. 8th house indicates longetivity, life span and death. So the 5th, 6th, 10th houses must be examine to determine about medical profession along with their lords and nakshatras and the planets posited in these houses. 9th house indicates higher education and strong planets in it gives higher education/specialisation to the native.
6th house is for short term diseases and 8th house is for long term diseases so 10th lord must be connected to any one of these two houses. Along with 6th and 10th houses 2, 9, 11 houses also have equal importance. As they indicate income of the native. 2nd house is for wealth, 11th house is for success, profit, income, 9th house is for luck, blessings, fame. All these houses must me examine to determine the profession and income from it. Income is a motivating factor for success and give interest in any profession. Name and fame also play an important role and give stability in profession. When 10th lord/10th house have connection with 4th house native use his profession for the welfare of others.

Main Planets connected with medical profession
Sun is the significator of medicine.
Moon is the significator of drugs and herbs, medicines obtained from herbs.
Mars denotes Surgery.
Jupiter and Mercury denotes specialization.
Saturn and Rahu indicates lingering and incurable diseases, suffering of life and related to medical profession.
Ketu represents all sharp cutting instruments used in Surgery.
Jupiter play an important role in Doctor’s career. Jupiter represent Guru/blessings so with the blessings of Guru one can give effective treatment. Guru give powers of healing. When Jupiter has connection with 1st , 5th, 10th house it produces successful Doctors. This connection must also be there in d9 and d10 charts. D1 charts is analysed for health, D9 is the complementatry chart of D1 also it is the 9th division of lagna chart which is related to 9th house of luck and Guru and D10 chart is analysed for the micro study of the profession/career. Jupiter makes the native humane and benevolent.
Moon also play an important role in the birth charts of Doctors. Moon is the significator of drugs and herbs, medicines obtained from herbs. In Doctors charts moon is found under malefic influence which make the native hard hearted/cruel so that native may treat the patient with strong mind not with emotional mind. Strong moon is required to administer poison (drugs and medicines) and to perform surgery. Native can do his work without any emotional disturbances. So in Doctors chart moon must have connection with malefic houses or must be under malefic influence. Same yoga must be with Sun also. As it is the natural karak for Doctor profession/medicine.
Mars, Saturn, Ketu, Rahu, Ketu are known as the technical planets. These planets must be connected to the 5th and 10th houses. Mars must be in strong position in the charts of Surgeon. It must be in own sign or in its exalted sign. Mars is the planet of courage and surgery, cases needs it. Ketu plays an important role in the field of Medical Astrology. Ketu, to a major extent influences pharmaceutical industry. It suggests the ways and methods used in the operationOther planets also should be in strong position in the chart and must be connected to eacth other through aspect, rashi, conjuction or nakshatra.

Different combination for medical profession
Sun/Saturn/Rahu should be related to 5th/9th/10th/ house or their lords.
6th/8th house/lords should be related to 5th /10th house/lords in any way.
Jupiter is related to 5th/10th house/lord.
Mars or any malefic planet is related to 5th/10th house/lords.
6th lord is posited in 9th/5th/11th.
11th lord is posited in 6th house.
Rahu/Sun/Saturn related to ascendant/2nd/5th/10th house/lords.
Sun and Mars in 10th, the native will be a good surgeon.
Venus and Jupiter in 6th/12th , the native  will opts for medical profession.
Mercury and Sun posited in 4th place from ascendant / Jupiter or placed 8th from Moon the native will become a qualified doctor, if this combination happens to be in cancer ascendant, he will achieve fame in this field.
So to be a successful doctor Jupiter, mars, sun, moon and ketu must be in strong position in the chart and must be connected with the 5th, 6th, 8, 10th houses to be a successful doctor. These points must also be seen in d9 and d10 chart also. In short there must be direct relation between 1st 5th 6th, 10th , 11th houses Jupiter must have connection with them along with afflicted moon. Venus connection with the planets like Sun, Jupiter, Ketu and 10th house can produce successful gynaecologist. Sun, Saturn connection with the 10th house can make the native dentist. Jupiter and Ketu connection with the 10th house can produce homeopathy doctor. Jupiter, Mars, Ketu connection with 6th or 10th house can produce surgeon. When strong Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu make relation with 10th, 2nd, or 7th, the native becomes a successful doctor. When Rahu and Ketu are strong and positioned in Shubh Bhava’s 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 or 10th houses, natives becomes a doctor. Well connected 5th and 6th houses with each other gives good intelligence for diagnosis of diseases. 6th house/lord connected to 10th house, native becomes a doctor or a lawyer. Sun and Moon or Jupiter and Mars in Kendra houses also make the native doctor.

Significance of sign of 10th house for specialized doctor's profession
dentistry and surgery
physician, chemist
medical research and physician
gynaecologist and nursing
heart specialist
general medicine and chemist
gynaecologist, lab technician and pathologist
general medicine, dentist, orthopaedic and surgeon
x-ray, ultra sound specialist
neurologist, naturopathy and medical tools 
physician, nursing and surgery

Example Chart 1.

In the given birth chart 5th lord moon in 5th in own sign in gandmool nakshatra which lord mercury is placed in 12th house of hospital and bed with ketu aspecting 6th house. 10th lord is placed 6th house with all technical planets Rahu Mars and Saturn. Sun is placed in Jupiter sign in lagna. Thus there is a direct relation between the lords of 1st, 6nd, 5th and 10th, 12th houses. 
In the d9 chart 10th lord is venus with 6th lord Saturn in 5th house. Moon in 6th in gandmool nakshatra moon is 12th lord too. Jupiter aspecting venus and Saturn from 11th house. Mars in own sign retrograde in 9th it will also represent 8th being retrograde. Aspected by lagna lord sun in the nakshatra of Saturn and in venus sign. So in this way we can see connection of 5th 6th 10th houses here with benevolent Jupiter effect and technical planets also connected here.
In the d10 chart 10th lord venus in lagna in Saturn sign which is in 5th so there is an exchange of rashi between venus and Saturn. Moon is in 10th with Jupiter. Moon in 6th lord nakshatra so connected to 6th house also. Mars in 8th house of long term diseases, rahu in mercury sign. Sun under rahu ketu exis and in Jupiter sign.
This native had done master of surgery. Here ascandent is Pisces which indicates physician, nursing and surgery. From moonsign 10th is Aries now native pursuing Neuro Surgery.

Example Chart 2.

Native is eye specialist/surgeon. Sun, Venus and moon are the planets related to eyes.

Om Tat Sat

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