Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bhakoot Dosh

Bhakoot Dosh 

Bhakoot suggests the pair will have capability of achieving good health, mutual agreement, happiness, longevity and prosperity to live a happy life together. It is calculated by determining the position of bride/grooms Moon Sign from grooms/bride Moon Sign. Bhakoot controls the mind.

In our Astrology the Moon is related to or has a direct relationship with mind, i.e. Mental soundness. So Bhakoot represents the following qualities or Traits. Mental Soundness, Life of Children, Economic Conditions or Status, Marital Bond or Attachments.

Rashis are controlled by Chandra, they affect the love and romance aspect of the marriage. Bhakoot dosha occurs when the Rashis conflict or are oppossed. Due to this dosha, either or both would not display emotions of love or romance towards the other. One or both will be left with the yearning of being loved. This can affect chances for fertility and pregnancy, cause troublesome pregnancies and delay in having children and limit the number of kids they can have. So when it comes to 0 (zero) generally astrologers will advice against the marriage.

The malefic effects are however, are reduced or ignored in the following cases:
(i) If moon sign lords are friends.
(ii) If Moon sign lords are same.

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